Ethical quality production with unparalleled customer service. Utilizing our own factories in Bangladesh we produce apparels direct for most of our customers. That means you have access to all levels of our factory staff to ensure and monitor quality. Our trained staff will help you every step of the way. By ensuring our employees are paid well above average in the Bangladeshi garments sector and following international standards we make sure our employees have the best working environment possible. We also offer the following for our customers to ensure peace of mind throughout the process:

  • Compliance Audits: We understand our customers have various requirements for compliance audits. As such as we have a well qualified Compliance Audit Team to ensure our factory is prepared and ready to meet our customers requirements.
  • In-House Testing: Our extensive in-house testing facilities ensure that the goods are produced according to the strict standards of our customers and pass all our physical tests.

Through decades of experience in manufacturing and sourcing in Asia we have the experience to make sure your quality goods are produced economically and ethically. With our strong sourcing network in Bangladesh and China we can source a wide variety of the right materials at the best prices. Our primary focus is obtaining the highest quality materials we can within the specifications of our customers.

With design studios in the UK, Spain, and the USA we truly have global design team. Working closely with our production teams we are constantly monitoring trends all over the globe and drawing inspiration. Our designers have considerable knowledge and expertise in all areas of garment design and regularly visit many of the international fashion/trade shows ensuring that they are always ahead of the trends.

Each season our designers research the global fashion trends and compile our own inspirational trend and color boards. Our designers work every step of the way with the buyer and merchandiser ensuring product is delivered as specified. Our contemporary collections are designed 4 times per year. We produce core and fashion lines for our varied customer needs.

Our mission is to provide the customer a professional comprehensive service.